July 7, 2022

Some News

We have recently introduced some new pizzas to the menu including Gran Pesto Lavorato, Smoked Cod and Iberian Chorizo. The gran pesto vantaggiato refers to the traditional Ligurian pesto pasta served with potatoes and green beans, which enhances and at the same time refines the goodness of the pesto. This year we have revisited the version of this pizza which was previously on a red base and without the addition of potatoes and green beans. Now you will find it on a white base with ricotta cheese, homemade pesto, steamed potatoes and boiled green beans. Another great novelty is the pizza with smoked cod, accompanied by a citrus pesto and mixed salad; a summer pizza, fresh and fragrant. The smoked cod we use for this pizza is from the i Colori del Mare company. The cod they produce is healthy and natural, and in this process the quality of the meat and the taste are enhanced. In addition, cod contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids which are of great importance for various functions in our body. The Iberian chorizo is a decidedly gritty pizza, for those who love stronger, warmer and more intense flavours. The main feature of chorizo is that the pork is not minced but coarsely chopped and seasoned, in addition to salt, with sweet and spicy paprika. In fact, it is precisely the paprika that gives the salami its characteristic red colour. Chorizo is a white pizza made with agretti, dried cherry tomatoes, Imperia olives, capers and lemon. The lemon and the agretti give this pizza a little freshness, ideal for this summer climate.

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