July 11, 2022

Tasting Menu

The tasting menu was created with the aim of offering the customer a gastronomic experience based on the tasting of several types of dishes from the restaurant in question. It is an excellent moment of conviviality and the discovery of flavours; it can be said that it is a real gustatory journey. The type of tasting menu that we offer to our customers has the purpose of allowing them to taste various types of pizzas, so that if a customer is at his first experience at Zenzero he has the opportunity to taste several pizzas and come out satisfied. There are various types of tasting menus; what we offer on the menu is the one designed by us and proposed for those who are a small group and therefore cannot order many pizzas. When the group of people at the table is made up of at least four people, the tasting menu can either be the one proposed by us or the customers themselves can decide independently to choose various pizzas of their choice and have them sent to them in sequence, thus having the freedom to own tasting menu. The pizzas offered for tasting are not always the same; they vary according to the season and often new or daily pizzas are offered. You can combine the tasting menu with the choice of matching wines for each single course, so as to make the itinerary even more rich and exhaustive. Our tasting menu consists of five courses of a quarter of a pizza each, served strictly in succession. We start with the most delicate flavors and then get to the bottom of the most decisive and succulent flavors. It is for a minimum of two people but even better for the whole table so as not to create imbalances between the arrival of one pizza and the next. The tasting menu takes time so it is not recommended for people in a hurry, in which case it is better to choose a single pizza. The prices of our tasting menus vary from a minimum of 20 euros to a maximum of 25 euros. For some time now we have also introduced a vegetarian tasting menu on the menu. At Zenzero we have always kept the needs of our customers at heart and we have always had vegetarian pizzas on the menu or pizzas that could be adapted to the exclusion of certain types of food. At the moment we don't have completely vegetable pizza varieties yet but it is something we are working on for the near future. At the moment the only completely vegetable pizza is the PerDiana; we have some customers who follow vegan diets and, as far as we can, we try to accommodate their requests in the best possible way. But let's go back to the vegetarian menu… as I said before, we have introduced a vegetarian tasting menu which comes with five courses of pizza in sequence. At the moment it comes with the following pizzas: Julienne of zucchini in bloom with curry ricotta, almonds, mint and sesame seeds; Fucino potato with boiled potatoes, Normandy butter, fior di latte and parsley; Morelli artichoke carpaccio with asiago, artichokes, cherry tomatoes, rocket and parmesan; Mountain asparagus with biancone, quail eggs and seasoned buffalo ricotta; Cacio pere e pepe with pecorino, pears, raisins, walnuts and marjoram.



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