July 11, 2022

Environment & Territory

There is a movement, a way of thinking, a philosophy of life that embodies the principles of a lifestyle with minimal impact on the planet. People who embrace this thought mainly eliminate products that cause high percentages of CO2 from their tables, are against waste and buy short-term products, reuse leftovers and invent creative ways to recover waste. They prefer organic and KM0 products, they pay attention to the origin and packaging of the products, avoiding plastic packaging and everything that is pre-packaged, choosing fresh and seasonal foods. These people call themselves climate changers. This term was made official by the American newspaper New York Times which included it in the list of new words related to food. Basically this term indicates a category of people who eat only sustainably produced food. Zenzero does not consider itself part of this movement but tries, in what it can, to respect these principles as much as possible. When Zenzero was born it was characterized by these principles: the sale of local and KM0 products, organic and sustainability. Then over time the project focused mainly on pizza but never neglected these aspects, which remain the basis of our work. Our must, in fact, is the seasonality and territoriality of the products. We try to respect nature, not to use excess plastic, we respect the cycles of vegetables and fruit, preferring fresh foods without preservatives. Zenzero undertakes not to use products that come from intensive farms, preferring companies that work on a small scale and respect nature. We try to eliminate waste by inventing new pizzas, developing the creativity of the people who work with us. Today we are used to finding strawberries even in winter and we are no longer aware of the seasonality of foods. The territory is another important aspect that we are keen to respect by favoring products that come from areas where they naturally grow, such as the tomatoes that come from Pachino, or the lemons from the Amalfi Coast. This is because not only is the flavor and taste of the food better, as it grows and matures in its natural environment, but also to promote awareness of the local area and food. It is true that we cannot consider these products to be KM0 but it is also true that we respect the Italian territory and therefore CO2 emissions will certainly be lower than products that come from abroad and that are not part of our territory. Those who care about the environment and respect the natural cycles of the earth can perceive all of this as something of their own. Zenzero, for its part, is increasingly committed to respecting this philosophy of life which brings us back to a slower, more respectful and more in tune with ourselves lifestyle.

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