July 12, 2022


The PerDiana pizza was born with the aim of making a pizza dedicated to the birth of Stefano's first granddaughter. Initially the search for ingredients had focused on foods that recalled the forest and hunting, thinking precisely of the Goddess of hunting, Diana. But Stefano was not satisfied with the result, something in him said that the pizza for his niece should have been simple and impactful and not too pretentious, and designed for children. So the months went by and the research continued until one day a stroke of genius made him shift his attention to foods that were completely different from those selected up to that moment. Well, the goddess of the Hunt probably spoke in Stefano's ear, revealing in him the true value of this goddess. It is true that she is thought to be the goddess of hunting but not in a derogatory sense, she is the protector of the woods and of the animals that populate it. A carnivorous pizza was certainly not the ideal dedication. So Stefano decided to experiment with the simplest pizza that exists, a completely vegetable pizza, essential but not banal; and above all the pizza that adapts to every child, considering that it was designed to satisfy the tastes of children. Thus was born the PerDiana with raw Marina sauce, lemon zest from the coast and basil and has conquered even the palates of the greatest.

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