August 2, 2022

A new pizza

Zenzero has created a new pizza. You can already request it from the dining room staff even if it has not yet been included in the menu. The pizza in question was invented by our artist Stefano Bonamici, and is made with sweet river peppers, old-fashioned stracchino from the Orobic Valleys, a Slow Food presidium, chicken or quail eggs and marinated cherry tomatoes.
The sweet river pepper is very similar to the friggitelo, it is characterized by an irregular shape and a trilobed apex and its color is intense green. The old-fashioned stracchino that we use for this pizza is a type of cheese that was once produced during stops along the transhumance routes from the plains to the mountain pastures and vice versa, with the little milk of "stracchi" animals for the journey. It had to be a quick product to prepare, without having to heat the milk and without long coagulation and bleeding times. The old-fashioned stracchino from the Orobic Valleys aims to enhance this excellent type of fatty, tasty, slightly spicy cheese that in some way represents the ancestors of Taleggio. They are produced in the Brembana, Taleggio, Serina and Imagna valleys with freshly milked whole raw cow's milk, for this reason they are also called "hot milked". This type of stracchino, therefore, has nothing to do with the industrial stracchino we know and which can be found in the supermarket.

Now that we have described this new pizza to you, we are waiting for you at dinner to taste this excellent novelty.

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