August 31, 2022

New changes to the menu

Upon returning from the summer holidays, we made some changes to the pizza menu. We decided to lighten it up a bit, introduce new pizzas and leave our historic pizzas unchanged. The novelties that we are going to offer you are the Puparulillo ro ciumm, pizza on a white base with green river peppers, old-fashioned stracchino from the Orobic valleys, cherry tomatoes and fried eggs; the caprese by Gambero rosso, pizza on a white base with steak and peach tomato carpaccio, mozzarella cherry and basil mayonnaise; and the Costiera, with Vietri mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes from Sarno, anchovies from Cetara, capers and lemon zest from Furore. You can also find these new pizzas in our current tasting menu in this sequence: Red prawn caprese, scallop carpaccio, la Costiera, Puparulillo ro ciumm, figs and ham. Furthermore, the vegetarian tasting menu also remains on the menu, which is made with four samples of the following pizzas: PerDiana, Scarola napoletana, Cipolla giarratana, Puparulillo ro ciumm. As always, we look forward to seeing you at dinner to taste our novelties.

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