August 31, 2022

Tre spicchi

Also this year Zenzero was awarded the 3 cloves in the famous Pizzerie d'Italia guide drawn up by Gambero Rosso, where the 3 cloves are the maximum score.

Already featured in the Gambero Rosso guide since 2015, but it's been since 2019 that Zenzero has obtained the 3 segments, so it's an excellent result that brings new gratification every year.

Zenzero has been open since 2009, starting with a small place in the province of Pisa and then moving and expanding in 2018 in Pisa to make great strides forward. Pizza as always is constantly evolving, the combinations are studied, modified and made more and more sought after every year, as Stefano Bonamici explains "it takes months to find the right ingredients and know how to balance them, also following the seasonality of the products, to get to create a unique and handcrafted product”.

The pizza dough has a leavening of at least 72 hours and a maximum of 100 hours and this is what stands out the most in terms of flavor and which allows for high digestibility. It is fragrant and crunchy even when cold.

Zenzero is therefore happy and proud of this recognition which every year consolidates all the work behind every single pizza.

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