Tre spicchi

Also this year Zenzero was awarded the 3 Spicchi in the famous Pizzerie d'Italia guide drawn up by Gambero Rosso.

A new pizza

Zenzero has created a new pizza. You can already request it from the dining room staff even if it has not yet been included in the menu.


The PerDiana pizza was born with the aim of making a pizza dedicated to the birth of Stefano's first granddaughter.

Environment & Territory

There is a movement, a way of thinking, a philosophy of life that embodies the principles of a lifestyle with minimal impact on the planet.

Tasting Menu

The tasting menu was created with the aim of offering the customer a gastronomic experience based on the tasting of several types of dishes from the restaurant in question.

Some News

We have recently introduced some new pizzas to the menu including Gran Pesto Vantaggiato, Smoked Cod and Iberian Chorizo.

The Natural Wine

The history of natural wines speaks of simplicity, naturalism and the rhythms of the earth.

The Classic Pizzas

Zenzero has always stood out for the variety of particular and innovative pizzas it presents on the menu, for the search for ingredients and for the combination of them.